Day 25 – Vicenza

I’m passing through the Orridio della Val Taleggio for the last time, at least for now. The recent rains have caused cascades to surge from the cliffs into the gorge.

Ilaria and Fabio had business in Bergamo so they drove me to the train station. Leaving early at 7am, I was missing my coffee, but they had the good sense to stop at a cafe called Bigio in San Pelligrino, one of their favorites, where we had a cappuccino and brioche.

The walls are decorated with puppets from the Commedia dell’Arte, vintage items belonging to the owner’s grandparents.

Ilaria explained that the brioches here are not made with the circular filo-like dough pattern but more bread-like, the way she likes them.

The extraordinary orange cakes with chocolate birds on top simulate a traditional bergamasc polenta dish.

From the train window on the way to Brescia, I see fields of corn that seem to go on for miles.

Finally in Vicenza, I am fortunate that the rain has stopped so I can walk from the train station to my lodging here in the city center.

The entrance combines new and old in a building never expected to house hair stylists.

I take a quick walk through the city center and can’t miss the statue of Andrea Palladio, the architect responsible for designing many of the buildings in the city and villas in the outskirts.

This scene could be in front of a temple in India, although the delivery guy is just taking a break from biking around Vicenza. Later when it rains, I see him down protective rain gear to continue with his deliveries.

There are not many people about due to the rain.

The piazzas are enormous. Here the lion of Venice lords over the area.

I stop in an upscale fabric shop on the Piazza dei Signori to admire the high-quality fabric. This wool goes for 165 Euro a meter.

I don’t get much further walking when the rain starts to come down in sheets. I do have my umbrella, but it is little help in the downpour. On Mondays, most all the museums are closed. I head back to my lodging. It’s been a while since I’ve watched some TV, so I check out a silly game show where competitors try to guess words, helpful for expanding my vocabulary.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for more stormy weather. I’ll spend most of the day inside in the museums. As long as I don’t slip on the steps or the streets, it can rain all day.

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