Day 7 – Lake Trasimeno

Today we travelled from Perugia to Lake Trasimeno, to the medieval village of Passignano. There, while waiting for the ferry to take us to an island called Isola Maggiore, we walked along the lake shore and came across this monument, a Memorial to the Fallen of the Italian Army’s Hydroplane School.
The Lake Trasimeno area has been an aviation center for decades and the site of several aviation factories.The first Italian hydroplane school was founded in Passignano in 1916. Many test pilots died in the effort to improve aviation knowledge. The status represents six interwoven airplanes, three nose diving towards the lake and three flying up into the skies.

The plain facades of the buildings on Passignano’s Via Nazionale harken back to their medieval origins.The building with the circular window is the Oratorio di San Rocco, built in the 16th century by the Confraternity della Buona Morte and San Rocco. According to Google, the purpose of this organization was “to give dignified and religious burial to the deceased and, in particular, to bury the dead for free which no one cared for.”

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