Day15 – Modena, the Market and Palazzo Comunale

I decide to go to Modena’s covered market before school. On the way, I come across a sign posted on a wall across from the Duomo. It protests the 1% and the EXPO 2015 in Milano, whose theme is Nourish the Planet. “They claim to support life while living in a world of plastic where owners, banks and BMWs are sacred while people quietly die of hunger….”…etc.

Coming out of the Modena Train Station on arrival, I saw a homeless man sleeping on his bed of cardboard. Although Modena is located in a wealthy part of Italy, clearly its economic and social problems don’t differ much in kind from the rest of the western world.

Around the corner I come across a older woman, probably a gypsy, with an injured leg. She slowly hobbles down the street, then turns around and aimlessly hobbles back.
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