Days 73-76 – Lucca and San Giuliano Terme

I planned to visit Villa Reale, one of the late-Renaissance palazzi nestled in the hills surrounding Lucca and once home to Elisa Baciocchi, Napoleon’s sister and former Princess of Lucca. This was my second attempt to visit this estate. The first visit was cancelled at the last moment by the Lucca Italian School and Montecarlo substituted instead.

The Villa’s website mentioned Bus 59 with a stop at the villa’s entrance, so I hopped on Bus 59, and we took off from Lucca into the countryside. It didn’t take long with my GPS to figure out we were going in the opposite direction of the villa.

The driver told me there are two Bus 59’s (hah!) and I needed to read the destination, not just the number. There was nothing to do but enjoy the ride. It passed some pretty sites, including this town of Castello di Nozzano.

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