Day22 Miyama to Kyoto

This morning I took a few moments to gather some reeds by the river in front of the ryokan where we stayed last night. Our time in Miyama is way too short.

Day20 Kyoto

This morning we visited the Nishijin Textile Center. This woman is weaving on a vintage jacquard loom in which punched cards drive the warp threads that make the pattern. These cards inspired the development of computer programming.

Day19 Kyoto

Today we visited the famous Ryoanji Temple where the rock garden contains 15 rocks that can’t all be seen at once from any angle. We got there early and enjoyed the lillies in the pond before the hordes of schoolchildren arrived.

Day18 Kyoto

Much of today was taken up by traveling between Tokyo and Kyoto. When we arrived in Kyoto, Yoshiko gave us a tour of the enormous 15-story Kyoto Station.

Day6 Kokedera and Gion

Today I set off for Arashiyama, a forested area to the west of Kyoto. It was a crowded train, and my little 2 feet stood in front of the conductor’s station.

Day4 Fushimi

In the train station this morning a young couple, maybe on their honeymoon, took photos while dressed up in their rental kimono.

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