Day22 – Tutofela Stellar

Today we drove 3 hours over bumpy unpacked roads to visit the Tutofela Megalithic Stellae site. Most of us are tired and cranky by now. The long ride in the heat did not help, although this is a different side of Ethiopia we have not seen: the coffee growing area.

Day 21 Arbore Village and Awasa

We head back north passing through a village populated by Arbore people. These people are Muslims who decorate their houses with painted images depicting the history of their family. The women here dress much like those in India with head shawls and long skirts. We give away used clothing to these villagers.

Day20 – Arbore Village

We are returning north up the Rift Valley. We visit a Arbore Village on the way. Ethiopia has at least 80 distinct peoples with differing cultures and languages. It is sandy and hot, with the sand full of thorns.

Day 18 To Turmi

We left Jinka this morning to drive to Turmi. On the way we stop at the D. Market, where people primarily from the Hamer tribe come to buy, sell and congregate. They do not have much at the market, primarily coffee, Marengo a type of vegetation somewhat like spinach I have been eating for breakfast, …

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