Day 21 Baneshwar Festival part 1

Today we visited the Baneshwar festival, held each year over three days during which the tribal group called Bhils come together at the confluence of two rivers to honor those in their family who have died in the past year. Thousands of them come to this remote place by any means they can.  

Day 20 Dungarpur

We start today from Narlai to Dungarpur. On the way we pass a group of camel shepherds. The kids wait for the teacher to arrive at school. It’s 9:30am. They are there, but she did not show up at 9am according to schedule. Government workers!

Day 16 Bundi

We drove to Bundi today, on the way stopping at a small town where dairy farmers drive in on their motorbikes each morning to sell their milk, after which they congregate to chat. Next to them a priest sits in front of a small Hanuman temple.

Day 14 Pushkar

We went to go up to a temple overlooking Pushkar, but the cable car was closed due to winds. It’s just as well, based on the feedback from those who climbed the over 400 steps to the top. They saw the sunrise. We would just see a nice view. Pushkar is a very touristy town, …

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Day 13 Udaipur to Pushkar

This evening in Udaipur we went to a cultural show. These shows can be cheesy, but this one presented authentic dances that amazed. This woman is 70 years old. She’s dancing with 11 jugs on her head. They are not all one piece! A very entertaining evening with great music set in an old palace.

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