Day19 – Palermo to Rapallo, part2

The second half of Day19 was spent in transit: a plane from Palermo to Genova, bus from Genova airport to Genova train station, train to Rapallo.

A couple of incidents:

Volotea Airlines is a cheap-o airlines that charges for every little thing, It allows only one carry-on that must fit within a metal rectangle. Mine did not fit, so I put some stuff in another large bag I hoped to pass off as a purse.

In line at the gate, however, a Volotea staff person told me I had to pay for an extra bag. She yelled out in Italian to Florio, the cashier at the head of the line, “This American lady has 2 bags.” I thought I was doomed to pay extra for sure.

However, when I got up to Florio, I told him I thought it was ok to have a carry-on plus my purse. He was in a big hurry, did not want to deal with the charges, and passed me on. YES!

Then the automatic ticket machine for the bus in Genova gobbled up my credit card and would not return it no matter which buttons I pushed. A huge crowd was waiting behind me to purchase tickets.

After several minutes of futzing with the machine, I let the others buy their tickets and went searching for help from the bus company staff. No one in authority around to ask or to report my card loss. Just as I was about to give up, a young man ran up with my card in his hand…”signora, signora.” What a relief! Grazie! Grazie!

Once on the train, I had a chance to put my head back and relax despite a very full compartment. Spots of deep blue water popped up between the black train tunnels we traversed.

My sister Cheryl met me at the station, along with Cate and Silvio, owners of the Airbnb flat where we are staying in Rapallo.

I was very glad to get “home” after many stressful hours in transit and to meet up with Cheryl, who came in from Milan. We are staying very near the sea in downtown Rapallo. Here’s the view from our balcony.


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