Day 4 – Ravello

How could I forget my dessert last night? – a lemon cake from Sal di Riso, who produces what he calls “capolavori di dolcezza” – masterpieces of sweetness. Mmmm…quite the treat, which I can somewhat justify by all the climbing up and down stairs.

Day7 – Naples

I planned Naples as stopover to make transit connections, so I didn’t think much about sightseeing. Only two or three things I wanted to do for sure: a visit to the National Archaeological Museum, a visit to the Duomo, and maybe a visit to a market. Love those markets. I’ve been very lucky so far. …

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Day6 – To Napoli

Boarding for the bus to Naples takes place at a piazza on the outskirts of Matera, so I spent some time this morning watching the produce vendors selling greens from trucks parked around the piazza.

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