Day 32 Bhuj

Today we headed out of Bhuj to visit tribal villages. We first visited Nirona, where the artisans are famous for their Rogan Art. None of us had heard of this art form, but we were amazed when shown a demonstration.

Day 29 Poshina

This morning we took a jeep out into the countryside to visit a couple of tribal villages. The tribes in this area are the Garasia and the Bhil. Adivasi or tribal people make up about 9% of India’s population. The terrain just out of town is spectacular. The tribals use jeeps to transport their goods …

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Day 27 Ahmedabad

This morning we took a heritage walk of old Ahmedabad, founded in 1411, starting at the temple of Swaminarayan, built in 1822. The old city is composed of small ‘pols,’ self-contained neighborhoods connected by secret passageways. Each pol has its little square, many with bird feeders like this one.

Day 25 From Sayla to Ahmedabad

We stayed last night at a place called the Bell House, a guesthouse about 150 years old. It showed its age, but it had lovely grounds with wandering peacocks. We visited a family that specializes in working with beads. Here are many of their beaded objects, even beading over a soda bottle.  

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